About Us

Wondering which fruit and vegetable suppliers for restaurants will be your ideal partner?
We supply over 200 of the best restaurants in the UK with fresh fruit & vegetables sourced from growers across Europe.
Fruit and Veg Suppliers for Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs, Bars, Schools, Cafes in London.
We began the business by developing relationships with local growers which is something we maintain to this day. We are very proud of these relationships as they are built on trust and honesty. Trust and honesty are the two foundations that we have built our business on.

Our intimate relationships we have with our growers guarantees our produce is picked and packed daily. This means you can have items in your cool room that have come out of the ground or off the tree 48 hours earlier. This means fresher, juicier, more delicious produce that has a longer shelf life. This leads to less wastage which means greater profitability for your business.

Source your fruit, vegetables, herbs and salads from us and we’ll deliver beautifully fresh produce where you want it, when you want it and at a fantastic price.

I want to take the opportunity to introduce my business and our services to you.
Please contact me to learn more about all of the ways that we can help your business grow.

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Our Promise to You

At Euro Harvest our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality produce at the lowest possible prices.
We supply fresh produce to Top London Restaurants, London Hotels, London Cafes and London Schools across London, UK.
We believe that clients should be treated as partners and strong working relationships are as important as the produce we provide.

Please contact us today if you are wanting to experience what London’s finest fruit and vegetable wholesaler can offer you.

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Our guarantee is simple, to do the best we can do for you. Our focus is in providing the quality service and fresh fruit and vegetables at the best possible price.


We have access to the freshest fruit and vegetables on a daily basis and have been a part of the success of many Restaurants, Hotels, Cafés across London.


We are confident in our suppliers and growing facilities that we believe we can offer the best in-season fruit and vegetables all year round.


Our days start early. We’re up before dawn to ensure that your fresh food supply is picked, packaged and packed on the truck, ready to go.

Only The Best Quality 

Established in 2010 Euroharvest is a supplier of quality fresh fruit and vegetable in London. Based in New Covent Garden Market, we provide more than 250 products from around the world. We pride ourselves with the finest and vast assortment from Italy.